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CHAPLO: Environmental Statement

Paul Chaplo, MFA, BFA, BA 

Toward a Paperless Digital Workflow in Photography:
Chaplo photography offers a green, environmentally-friendly workflow that maximizes paperless image and document exchange to virtually eliminate paper and chemical waste from proofing. Also, we support end-users using LCD projection, PDF, and other paperless forms of communication and transmission by providing electronic files that dovetail into these media.

Chaplo photography recycles film packaging, inkjet and laser cartridges. Also, we offer a totally paperless image workflow using high-resolution digital photography, 100% electronic image exchange, and document submission using PDF.

Our paperless proofing approach is 100% effective at eliminating toxic chemical waste associated with proof print production. I believe that paper proofs, which are used temporarily and then discarded, are a key opportunity for waste reduction, and we are currently approaching 100% paperless for overall operation, and have already achieved 100% paperless for our digital photography operation.

If your business culture supports or mandates the use of suppliers who are "green," let Chaplo be your photographer of choice!

Wishing You Great Light!

Paul Chaplo

Low-Impact Digital Photography. Chaplo.